… And don’t mind the mess. We just moved to a new place, and the boxes aren’t all unpacked yet. I haven’t even quite checked that everything made it safe and sound in the move.

It was high time we cleaned house. The appliances were really outdated and the roads to our home were deteriorating fast. Of course, that means it will take some time to set up the furniture and hang up the pictures, open all the doors and make sure the rooms are presentable.

That’s assuming all the rooms have actually been built. A website is like a mysterious mansion: the entry may look nice and neat, but as you wander in, you realize there are doors that lead nowhere.

Have you visited us before? Are you coming back looking for something? Please drop us a note on Facebook so we get on that first!

Pages and sites to be updated or to return soon: Life in medieval Russia, Russian Folk Tales, Russian Medieval Costume, the Gallery, and more.