Monday Russian News Items

Posted to Russian Notes by Dr. Bruce Holl 13 May 2019
CDT 0725 GMT 1225 Moscow 1525

In English
TASS: “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will arrive in the Russian city of Sochi to hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday, May 14, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told TASS on Monday.”

RFE/Radio Liberty: “Advertisements for a new residential building called STALIN-HOUSE in the Russian city of Novosibirsk have sparked harsh criticism from city residents on social networks. The advertisements, posted online on May 11 by a real estate developer in Novosibirsk, says the eight-story residential bloc will also have commercial space available on the first floor.”

Росбалт: “В Екатеринбурге обнесли забором сквер, где будут строить храм РПЦ, и силовики задержали пришедшую туда горожанку”.

Труд: “Трое бизнесменов из России Роман Абрамович, Алишер Усманов и Михаил Фридман оказались в списке самых богатых налоговых резидентов Великобритании“.